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I don’t know if you are familiar with ‘Wreck this journal’ series, but I got one from my boyfriend and had some fun in a bathtube :) xx
I have one too! Although I haven’t done many pages yet as I got distracted from it shortly after I got it. I feel I should get it back out again aha! Hope you have fun wrecking the book some more! :) x

Cat Lady by vintagenerd8 featuring vinyl decals ❤ liked on Polyvore

Day 2 was made of gorgeous landscapes like this one in “thingvellir”, we travelled through a very touristic area called the golden circle ! We ate sandwiches and took little (scary) roads with our car. Iceland is a beautiful country. #vsco #vscocam #instavscocam #iceland (à Pingvellir)


oh hey its my illustration!
my original work and source found here!